Introduction to Lijiang College

Introduction to Lijiang College

Lijiang College was founded in July of 2001. It was jointly organized by Guangxi Normal University and Guangxi Yiqin trading Co.Ltd as an independent college.

Located in the Yanshan District of Guilin City, Lijiang College encompasses a campus with a gross area of 250,000 square meters. With modern facilities and a staff of 420, the total number of students reaches near 12,000. The school’s size is the largest of the independent colleges in Guangxi.

Lijiang College is under the jurisdiction of Guangxi Normal University, a provincial key university which is situated in the city of Guilin in southwestern China. Lijiang College pays close attention to the teaching quality and characteristics. At present, Lijiang college consists of 8 departments, including the Departments of Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Economy, Politics and Law, Management, Science, Fine Arts and Design, Music and Physical Education. Lijiang college offers fully accredited BA courses to over 10,000 students which cover 30 majors in terms of 40 concentrations.

Lijaing College has established about 40 training bases both at home and abroad, including 8 photographic studios and on campus screen engraving studios, 20 practice centers within the Guangxi Region and 10 more inSoutheastern Asia.

Lijiang College has been active in international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of education, science and technology, and culture with colleges and universities from other countries, in particular the ASEAN countries. At present, Lijiang College has signed cooperation agreements with about 35 universities in America, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries and sent about one thousand teachers and students to study abroad.

Lijiang College enjoys the rich cultural heritage of Guangxi Normal University which has an 80-year history. The overall performance continues to improve.

With sustainable development, Lijiang College is resolved to make the best of its resources and become a college with its own brand both in China and Southeast Asia.

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