Introduction to IEC

Introduction to IEC

The International Exchange Center was established in March of 2010.This office is responsible for the international communication and cooperation of Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University.

According to the policies and regulations of the National foreign affairs, the International Exchange Center is responsible for the school’s overseas educational exchange and cooperation, going abroad on business matters and the management of foreign teachers .It is also responsible for the overall work of the Foreign Affairs.

Approved by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, Lijiang College has qualifications to employ foreign experts independently. Many foreign teachers are playing more and more important roles in the school’s teaching activities.

   Depending on the abundant international educational resources of the International Exchange Office of Guangxi Normal University, the International Exchange Center effectively introduces and makes good use of high-quality foreign educational resources. The International Exchange Center implements language training for international master students, provides study abroad advisory services and training courses of well-known colleges and universities abroad.

Through the cooperation with famous foreign universities, the center arranges the students to participate in short term travel, internship and course practice according to the professional learning demand. The college has signed a cooperation agreement with 35 universities abroad. Currently, it has 6 American teachers and has established friendly relationships with the universities in America, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. It has sent a total of nearly 690 students to Vietnam, Thailand, America, Taiwan and other countries and regions to study and communicate, thus to further promote the cultivation of talents internationalially.

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